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Drain Line, Sewer line, And Septic tank Locating.

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

It used to be much harder to find out exactly where your sewer line or septic tank was even just 10 years ago, We used methods such as rods, Water detection systems, Maps, And probes to try and locate these systems.

Now equipment has come a long way and thanks to that new tech we can quickly and very efficiently find those Sewer drains And septic tanks.

one method is using a locating Wand and Sonde which is send down line and using wand to locate sonde via frequency waves to get an area and depth,

An even better was is locating wand with a Sewer Camera built in Sonde so you can see what your looking at and locate exactly where it is and exact depth, It’s pinpoint accuracy.

often every time we camera inspect a drain line we locate just for record on invoice.

Call or schedule online for drain system line locating as we not only offer camera and sewer / septic locating, But we can even locate smaller drain lines that cannot be accessed by camera, using a charge system.

you can learn more about this service and get a free onsite estimate by visiting

and we made it easier to schedule online and offered a live chat option

just visit this link for those convenient options

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