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Drain Camera Inspections / Sewer Video Report

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Sewer & Drain Camera inspections or Video reports are great for maintaining good flowing drains and knowing when to clean or prevent costly repairs ahead of time.

We highly recommended before purchasing a property be it a home or commercial building it’s very important to know the condition of sewer and drain lines.

Often times if there is an issue it will lower the cost of purchase in amount of provided estimates for replacement or repair,

But if no inspection was done and the property is purchased it’s now on you to pay the hefty bill for any major repairs.

Thats why we suggest it and prefer Video reports so you are provided with a USB and full report,

At NW Sewer & Drain, Before any drain cleaning service is provided we always do a pre camera inspection as a courtesy no charge, As well after cleaning the clogged drain, performing another post inspection to ensure lines properly cleaned.

if you’d like to schedule a service for camera inspection or video report visit site at

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