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Salem Plumbing Contractor Service
Experienced Professionals offering Drain Cleaning and repair services to Salem, OR and surrounding areas.
If you are dealing with a plumbing problem from slow or clogged drain cleaning to repair and replacement,
NW Sewer & Drain Is there to make it an easy and stress free process.

We will arrive onsite free of charge and diagnose the problem
at which point we will take notes and put together a plan of action,
from there we will provide an estimate with 3 options giving you complete control and freedom to make the best decision that fits your needs.

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Please fill in form for Any Questions or to Schedule Our Same Day Drain Cleaning Services in Salem, OR and Surrounding!

NW Sewer & Drain is Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Provided Professional Top Quality Drain Cleaning Service and Repair at a Low Cost, Click above to learn more, here is some services:

    Cabling / Rooter Service:

  • Clogged Sewer

  • Clogged Sink

  • Clogged Tub

  • Clogged Shower

  • Clogged Laundry

  • Clogged Rain Drains

  • Clogged Grease line

    Hydro Jetting Service

  • Jetting Sewer Line

  • Jetting Rain Drains

  • Jetting Grease Trap

  • Jetting Drain Field lines

  • Jetting Any 1-1/2" to 2" drain line up to 100'

  • Jetting Any 3" to 8" drain line up to 300'

    Camera Inspection / Line Locating

  • Camera inspection Sewer Line

  • Camera inspection rain drain

  • Full HD detailed video report on Sewer & Drain Inspection

  • Camera inspection 1-1/2" and up drain lines

  • Locate any drain line

  • Locate tracing wire

  • Locate Sewer & Rain drain

  • Locate Drain Field or Septic tank

    Drain Repair and Replacement Services

  • Install Sewer Clean Out

  • Repair Sewer line exterior of building

  • Repair Rain drain systems

  • Replace Rain Drain system

  • Replace Sewer Line

  • Repair Pipe exterior of building

  • Water Service

We accept Check, Cash, CC, And some instances Billing, And Provide Invoices with detailed reports, Photos, And pricing / paid, As well USB for video inspections.

Call Today or Schedule below to see how we can help you Save and Fix your Drainage Problems!

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